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    We've removed several DC's recently, and we do occasionally replace DC's with new servers.  This can cause an issue as we have a lot of different sites around the world, and we have a lot of forward and reverse lookup zones.

    I've used the following command to remove the NS record for the old DCs in forward lookup zones:

    dnscmd /recorddelete @ NS

    where is our domain name and one of the forward zones.

    I've also then thought I could export all zones into a CSV then create a batch file to run, but the same command above doesn't seem to work if I replace the forward zone with a reverse zone like

    here's the export connand:

    dnscms /enumzones > C:\zones.csv

    ANy ideas how I can use dnscmd to remove a specific NS record from all forward or reverse zones?  or if not, how can I use dnscmd to remove a specific NS record from a reverse zone?



    Thursday, January 28, 2010 11:17 AM

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