Free space on c: drive less than calculated


  • Hi: I have a server 2003R2 DC with a 24-gig partition for the c: drive. The drive is chronically running out of space and I'm trying to figure out what's taking up all the space.

    Currently the drive shows "24.4 GB" total size and "38.1 MB" free space. However when I run WinDirStat on the drive, it only shows a total 6.5 GB in the filetree, with the largest directory taking up 5.4 GB being the "WINDOWS" folder. The server has 2 GB RAM. If I right-click each folder and select "properties", the size seems to be the same as what WinDirStat is where did the other ~17 GB go?

    I've done all the easy things to reduce the files on the C: drive:

    • changed the paging file to 256KB and moved the rest of the paging to another partition (E:)
    • Moved all the databases (SQL2005) to the E: drive
    • Deleted all unnecessary profiles, applications and temp files
    • Backed up and changed all the event logs to 1 MB
    • Deleted all unnecessary logs and backup files.

    The last two things I'm contemplating are

    • moving the MSDB database to "E:", which is only taking up 20 MB
    • moving NTDS files to "E:"

    The first is pretty easy but won't free up much space

    The second would probably save about 60 MB...which still isn't much savings, and would require me to reboot in directory restore mode and be in front of the server (not possible at this time).

    I'm just wondering what else I can do at this point to free up space? I'm not sure what's really taking up most of the 24 GB on the drive?

    Sunday, April 28, 2013 7:25 PM


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