Play asx files directly instead of downloading first RRS feed

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  • At the school I work I run a Windows Media server (2008 R2) with various video files all in wmv format. To access them I provide an intranet where links to the asx files are provided.

    On some user machines, when the link to the asx file is clicked, playback of the video begins immediately. This is ideal.

    However, on some user machines, when a user clicks on a link to an asx file, instead of beginning the playback immediately, the browser will offer to download the asx file. When this download has been completed, the user can then successfully view the video by choosing Open. This is not ideal as there are two extra steps involved. This occurs in machines running W7 or W10.

    I have been unable to determine any reason why some machines must download the asx file before running it. Is anybody able to advise what causes this behaviour and what could be done to correct it?

    Thank you.

    Jim Brook

    Massey High School


    New Zealand.

    Thursday, October 6, 2016 7:12 AM