RDP to Server 2008 gives black screen & no login window


  • We've been chasing this issue for weeks now. All of a sudden four of our server 2008 R2, SP1 started having issues with clients from windows 7 only. When RDP to any of these servers from windows 7 client, you only see the IP address bar on the top and the rest of the screen is black. But same server have perfect connectivity from any XP clients.

    These servers are located in a remote location and we go through several firewalls and routers before establishing connection.

    I've ran telnet and get connectivity from all windows 7 clients and my security team confirms they can see the sessions being established. We've tried to modify firewall settings from any IP to any IP for testing and still have the issue.

    I,ve tried making a test machine with fresh server 2008 R2 and RDP services and im able to connect from windows client. This teste machine is residing within our LAN. I first tried without SP1 then with SP1 and was able to connect both times. I also tried the windows 7 client with or without SP1 and was able to connect to this test machine. But for our remote servers regardless of the client having SP1 or not we are having the black screen issue during RDP with only the IP address bar showing.

    I,ve tried different resolutions and disabling bitmap caching but nothing works for windows 7.

    An important point here is that we have a fifth server but does not have SP1. All client including windows 7 are able to connect to this server.

    All these servers have been in production for three years without any issues. No updates have been pushed to our LAN or to the servers to cause this issue. We are desperatley seeking answers.

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 4:56 AM