DNS Scavenging not working the Forward Zone


  • Hello,

    My W2K8 R2 DC's are not scavenging the (A) Forward DDNS records, but is for the (PTR) Reverse and _msdsc zones.

    I have tried changing the DNS zone from 'Secure' to 'Nonsecure and Secure' and tried all the various combinations of the DHCP's DDNS registration options. I have also the scavenaging period settings back to the default of 7 days. I havd added and removed all the DHCP servers into the DNSupdateProxy group, as I have the credentials user account set on the DHCP servers.

    Dnslist shows no errors, but Dcdiag /e /dnsall shows 'warning: Failed to delete the test record dcdiag-test-record in zone xxx' for every DNS server.

    Would you know what could be causing this issue?



    Wednesday, May 2, 2012 7:25 AM


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