Event 36 - Redirection of additional PNP devices is disabled by policy. What policy?


  • On Server 2008 R2 computers, Event 36 - Redirection of additional supported devices is disabled by policy is generated on the first user logon via RDP after the computer is restarted or the Remote Desktop Services service is restarted, even though such redirection is not disabled by any local or domain Group Policy nor in the RDP-Tcp Properties page of tsconfig.msc.  This makes me think that such redirection is disabled somewhere else, and may be related to Remote Desktop for Administration.  I can't find any registry setting for this though, so it might be hard-coded. 

    The RDP client is Windows 7 Enterprise, so the client should not be the cause.


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  • Update 2011-05-15  I added the Remote Desktop Services role and the Remote Desktop Session Host role service (there was an existing licensing server so I didn't add that role service), and Event 36 stopped - unless redirection was actually disabled via Group Policy).  So it appears that the appearance of Event 36 is automatic with Remote Desktop for Administration.  

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    Thank you for your feedback. The Event ID 36 have been disappear in Event log. Whether you have other issues or not. Thanks.

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    Thursday, May 26, 2011 8:13 AM
  • Event ID 36 disappears only if the Remote Desktop Session Host role service is installed. 

    Event ID 36 appears when Remote Desktop for Administation is enabled.  Can you confirm that this behavior is  "by design"?  To go back to my original question, what policy is disabling redirection of additional supported devices when Remote Desktop for Administation is enabled?  If there is no policy doing this, can you confirm that it is hard-coded and can't be changed?

    Because these questions are un-addressed, I have reverted the status of this thread to unanswereed.


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