roaming profile in windows server 2012


  • Hi 

    I set up roaming profile for User in AD DC 2012

    And it work fine . but i have some question about it ?

    it create folder for each user in the share folder and 

    when i log in to client (windows 8 ), the folder profile copy from server to client .

    when i log in with another user i see there is profile of last user .

    I log in with 5 users and now in users folder of local system I have 5 profile folder . i used roaming profile for save my storage and save data in server .

    if  200 users log in to my client , 200 user folder create in local system ?

    can any body explain for me how it work .

    i'm confused .

    Sorry for bad writing English.

    Dear Problems ,You May Big But My God Is Bigger.

    Monday, June 03, 2013 9:14 PM