upgrade advisor for windows 2008 ?


  • I started an install of the latest (july) 2008 server , when I returned this morning the machine had been  rebooted with a message that my previous OS (2003) had been restored as my machine is not compatable with 2008 and I should search MS website for "Upgrade Advisor" before trying to install again.  I found many hits but none for windows server 2008 . What should I do next ?
    Friday, July 13, 2007 12:15 PM


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  • Hello Chaz,

    I don't have this June CTP version, but in Longhorn beta3 at the first boot up there was still showing the Windows Vista symbol
    with the message "Please wait a moment until Windows prepares to start for the first time ..."
    (BTW: if this is still present in this CTP, someone please file this as bug :-) Is not so nice from Maketing point of view. I was wondering: my gosh, they did not even have time to fix such a text issue, which every user will see as first impression.)

    I could imagine, if you did a good search on this and could not find something, then
    this message about "Upgrade Advisor" might refer to the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.
    You could try this application out until someone official answers here.

    And if someone does reply, probably they can tell where there is created logs from the Server 2008 install to help you better.
    Perhaps it also helps to watch the installation - might be some error messages appearing. Actually I would think, if there is an error, that the installation waits until user makes some action, otherwise people will be in such a situation like you, where they have to ask and can not continue. This is definitely not nice from Usability point of view.

    Erkan YILMAZ

    Friday, July 13, 2007 4:15 PM

  • I have experienced the same problem, with the system advising me to search for "Upgrade Advisor", however, it appears such an application does not exist.  Has anyone had any success?

    Thank you
    Tuesday, May 20, 2008 12:32 PM
  • I respond not to report success, but to report a trial of Vista upgrade advisor; this problem is still with us at Server 2008 RTM, BTW. The outcome in this case, for an EM64T machine, is a popup saying that the Vista upgrade advisor doesn't run on 64-bit architectures. This even in view of the fact that there's a 64-bit XP, and Vista comes in both 32- and 64-bit versions.


    Kinda bogus, seems to me, specially if you're hoping for businesses to adopt Vista wholesale.





    Thursday, May 22, 2008 12:14 AM
  • Hi Chaz,

    For Windows Vista migration of PCs, my team has created a tool called Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (or MAP) that looks at hardware and device compatibility of each desktop PC.  It is a network-wide and agent-less tool.

    In February (earlier this year), we've released a NEW functionality of the same tool to include "server side" migration assessment for SERVERs to migrate to Windows Server 2008.  Please download from here:

    Hope it helps!
    Baldwin Ng (Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit)

    Monday, July 14, 2008 6:08 AM
  • I'm so frustrated because of the MAP tool. I can't understand why I have to install office if the only thing I need is to check compatibility between my hardware and Windows Server 2008.

    What a pity!

    Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:16 PM
  • I am in the same situation; and this NEVER was answered! Original Person said he has problems upgrading "Windows Server 2003 to 2008;" NOT 'Vista.' Vista MAP kit was given as a possible thing to try.

    Here is my situation, and I will repost in new post, since it never was properly answered - When we get this goofy msg about "Failed to upgrade, please check Microsoft site for Upgrade Advisor," what do we do; what do we need, for upgrading Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit to Windows Server 2008 R2? (that's my situation anyway). Thx.


    Monday, March 11, 2013 3:27 PM