Failed to open GPO in GPMC on Server 2008 DC


  • I have a Server 2008 DC and am having permission issues when I try to edit my Domain Security Policy under GPMC. This happens with both the domain administrator account as well as mine (administrator). I checked the permissions under Sysvol and everything looks to be correct. I am able to edit the Domain Controllers Security Policy just fine. 

    The error I get is "Failed to open the group policy object. You may not have appropriate rights. Details: Unspecified Error".

    When I go to the policy folder I see that the policy that I am unable to edit was modified about a week ago and seems to correspond with this issue. The only changes that were made at that time were adding some PKI certificates to the Domain Security Policy. Could these certs be causing the issue? Or is it more likely it just got corrupted during the change? 

    I am going to try and backup the policy then restore from it but wanted to see if anyone had ideas about the PKI Certificates being added to the policy OU causing problems? 


    Wednesday, March 06, 2013 6:02 PM


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