Printbrm: Backup VBscript


  • I wrote a simple vbscript in order to backup my printers daily using printbrm.exe.  Running the script the first time works properly however, any time after I get the following error:
    Printbrm.exe (the Printer Migration Wizard or the command-line tool) failed to create destination file D:\Backup\test.printerExport while backing up print queues.
    Error reported: 0x80070050. The file exists.
    This can occur if the user does not have permission to create a file in the destination location, or if there is insufficient disk space or system resources.

    Is there any option that I can set to force that the .printerexport file is overwritten every time the script runs?



    Friday, October 22, 2010 10:31 PM


  • there's no documented arguments to do that, so why not do a file rename/delete in your VBscript before you launch printbrm ?
    Sunday, October 24, 2010 5:37 AM