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  • Ok, this is most probably a noob question.

    My company (, has a DNS zone in a linux server with records pointing to different web pages, example:,,, etc..

    For a specific service, I need an Active directory domain called:

    Thing is, I don't have an AD domain in place. So my question is:

    Do I need to create an AD domain for before creating the one that I need?
    If I don't, and I just create the as a new forest, will I be able to add an domain in the future as parent?

    As per DNS records in the linux box, I guess I would only need a NS pointing to the DNS of the new domain, and an A record resolving that to an IP. or Something like that..


    Monday, January 27, 2014 11:22 PM


  • Yes, even if initially it is an empty root, otherwise the child domain will become the forest root.

    So the domain will need to duplicate those records that Linux currently hosts otherwise AD clients will start having name resolution issues. If you just need to stand up AD for one application then I would go ahead and standup the empty root, add the child domain, install the service that needs AD and go from there. That is if you think at some point you will use the domain.

    Active Directory will actually create 2 zones ( and will have 1 dns zone and will also utilize the

    So I have been in environments which have had both a windows dns server and a Linux dns server, eventually after enough duplication of records in both areas and the pain points that caused, we have retired the Linux dns servers and just used the AD DNS servers (with the exception of DNS servers that were internet facing which we kept on Linux) Primarily the ease of administration and the fact that AD and DNS are tightly coupled.

    Brad Held

    Tuesday, January 28, 2014 2:52 AM