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  • Hi

    im setting up a domain contrller and application server on one machine for for project purpose

    i know its not the best method but its only for own project not for a business

    network diagram

    Domain controller ------------switch---------------Router-------------Switch------------PC normal (or on domain)

    i installed sever 2008

    set it as domain contrller

    create user in AD

    installed wamp server

    now here is my issue

    when i connect a normal pc on router on network and type i get access to website on server

    but when i connect pc to router and add the pc to domain login with user and type it does not acess website

    can any one please help

    should  i follow this guide

    Tuesday, May 01, 2012 11:57 AM

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  • There is no need to implement a GNZ zone.  A GNZ zone can be used to map a flat name to an IP address, like the similar to the function of WINS (NetBIOS name resolution).  This is not necessary based on your description.

    On the PC, you need to ensure that its client DNS settings is pointing to the DC which is running DNS.  Your DNS server will have the zone, so by pointing to your DNS server, the client will be able to resolve all host names in that zone.  As long as your IP settings are correct (IP, subnet mask, and default gateway), then network connectivity will be OK.

    You just simply have to make sure that when working with URLs, to always use the Fully qualified domain name.  so if your web server is server1, then type, not just http://server1.

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    Tuesday, May 01, 2012 1:28 PM
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    Tuesday, May 01, 2012 1:39 PM
  • sorry
    i new
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    Tuesday, May 01, 2012 4:58 PM
  • hi

    i hav  pc1 as domain controller which and ive installed wamp appache web server on the same pc1

    and when i connect the PC2 thats  in workgroup its able to access the website or but as soon as i join PC2 to  domain i  cant access the web server

    all i want is the pc's on domain  to access the web server

    Tuesday, May 01, 2012 5:03 PM
  • Hello,

    in the DNS zone create an A record named "www" and point it to the webserver ip address. Then try it again. Also assure that you use ONLY the domain DNS server on the NIC of the machines NONE else.

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    Wednesday, May 02, 2012 8:35 AM
  • yes but the dns ip add is the same ip add as webserver

    bcuse webserver domain controller and dns are on one machibe

    Wednesday, May 02, 2012 3:20 PM