Windows 2008 Vs. Windows 2008 R2 DFS problems: Cannot access DfsrPrivate Folder RRS feed

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  • Hello People in the world:

    We are having lot of problems (some of them solved :)) in our enviorment with DFS (no namespace). We have a source SERVER01 with Windows 2008, and a target SERVER02 with Windows 2008 R2 (both same language). We have 8GB of RAM and enought CPU (VMware background) so we think the resources is not a problem.

    We have solved the siz stagging area issue, but know that we have 2 replicated folder (bidirectional) we cannot achieve the 100% of the replication state. Instead we have one of the folders with a size and a number of folders and files bigger than in the target, and the opposite in the other folder (more files and folders in the source!).

    In the source SERVER01 we have a problem trying to access the DfsrPrivate folder, access denied. System has full permissions and we are logged with an admin domain user. In SERVER02 with the same user there is no problem.

    We have (we think we have...) problems with network, it´s a WAN slow connection (10Mb/10Mbs with an VPN with firewalls), because we have several disconnections in the event viewer with events 5014 (Communications Stops, RPC server not available) and 5004 (in SERVER02).

    DFSRDIAG backlog command displays that 12174 files in folder one (and 6523 in folder 2) are waiting to replicate (from SERVER01 to 02), shows first 100 of them, and says Operation its ok.

    On the other way in the reports from the GUI it is displayed that we havent enought free space in SERVER02, when we have 100 GB at this moment, in which parameter iis based to display that error?.

    So, our first problem is that the source and the target arent equal on size and number of files and folders, with the above mentioned errors.

    Any suggest to review or something more to test?

    thanks to all, greetings


    Friday, August 29, 2014 5:05 PM