SSTP and OWA 2013

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  • Good morning,

    Here I am, waking up sunday morning breaking my head about a problem I can't resolve:

    I have a home lab for testing and training purpose with around 40 2012 servers (Studying for the server 2012 upgrade exam). 1 of them is hosting exchange 2013 and another SSTP. I have 1 fixed public IP address available and using NAT with that.

    To use OWA I forwarded port 443 to the exchange server. It appears its not recommended to change this port on IIS for exchange. So I changed the port in the firewall to forward the public 444port to internal 443 on exchange, with the idea to keep the public 443 port free for sstp. But exchange links hard coded to 443 sites. So I changed it back.

    Also the sstp client is only connecting to port 443.

    Any ideas how to configure these 2 services with 1 public IP address on 2 different internal servers

    The only two options I can think of right now is to take another internet connection or to drop the idea of using sstp. Which both are not real solutions if you are making a home lab to study for the exam which sstp is one of the topics off.

    Thank you for your time. I am looking forward for your ideas.

    Gr. Seguino

    Sunday, April 28, 2013 7:24 AM

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