[SOLVED] Remote Desktop to Server 2003 R2 - bad text rendering in applications after February 2015 Patch Tuesday


  • Hello,

    Just today I updated a Windows Server 2003 R2 machine with today's February 2015 updates, and this included the since removed/pulled Update Rollup for Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime, which ran successfully by the way and didn't stall like many are reporting on Windows 7.

    After updating, I noticed that when I remote desktop into that server [which acts as a Terminal Server for a Microsoft Access application], text in MS Access 2010 looked distorted.  The size was fine, it was just heavily crooked and distorted in areas, making it difficult to read but still readable.  I opened Word 2010 on the server via RDP to see if it did the same thing, and it did on certain existing documents.

    Just to make sure it was RDP/Server 2003 R2 only, I downloaded a copy of the MS Access file to my local Windows 7 64-bit computer, which has also installed all of today's updates [NOT including the pulled Visual Studio update, as I updated this computer later in the day], and the text in the MS Access database front end looked perfectly fine and clear.

    Any ideas?  Anyone else ran into this?  Thanks in advance!


    This is easily reproducible using any Office application via Remote Desktop and using the font Arial.  If I change the font used in MS Access on some of the text fields or in the Word documents affected off of Arial to something like Calibri, there's no text distortion.

    This also ONLY appears to happen via Remote Desktop.  Since this is a Virtual Machine, I started an RDP connection to the host server and connected to the Server 2003 R2 VM "locally" directly in the Hyper-V Manager, and Arial text renders just fine in the MS Access database and Word.

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  • Hi

    I can't help, but am experiencing exactly the same issue after an update last night.
    Arial in the 2003 RDP session is blurred & distorted.  Other fonts seem unaffected (I used Tahoma and Verdana to test)

    Wednesday, February 11, 2015 11:21 AM
  • Very glad to know I'm not alone, thanks for the reply!  Also, looks like the two of us aren't alone either.  There's another thread over at Bleeping Computer that has the same issue:

    Microsoft knows about the issue, see "Known issues with this security update" here:


    Update: Resolution

    Microsoft has released a fix in KB3037639.  Interestingly, at the time of posting this, it looks like Microsoft hasn't released the update into the Windows/Microsoft Update stream.  So for now, it looks like a manual download/install is required.

    Download links are under the "Resolution" section here for the affected operating systems.  Make sure to select the correct download for your Windows edition.

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