missing cd/dvd drive windows vista


  • After reviewing all the different responses to other related topics I haven't found an answer that fits my problem.  My cd/dvd drive does not show up in the device manager.  I have attempted several "fixes" but nothing has worked.  My registry doesn't show anything with upper or lower filters. 

    (Default)  REG_SZ dvd/cdrom drives

    DriverDate REG_SZ 6-21-2006

    DriverDateData REG_BINARY 00 80 8c a3 c5 94 c6 01

    DriverDesc REG_SZ CD-ROM Driver

    DriverVersion REG_SZ 6.0.6002.18005

    InfPath REG_SZ cdrom.inf

    InfSection REG_SZ cdrom_install

    MatchingDeviceId REG_SZ gencdrom

    ProviderName REG_SZ Microsoft

    I haven't installed any new software.  The drive works fine when installed in another laptop.  I have two that are identical.  I had this problem once on my other computer but it went away on it's own.  This time it went away but came back.  I also took the drive out of the other computer and tried it in this one.  Still didn't work.  The drive starts running as if it is going to boot but it stops.  No error messages given at any time.  Would try reinstalling drivers but as it doesn't recognize the drive it won't let me reinstall them.

    Seriously suspect it's a registry glitch with Vista but can't figure it out.

    Help please.


    Wednesday, March 28, 2012 1:34 AM