Virtual hard drives from physical using disk2vhd tool and partitions question


  • Hi All

    I have done the following using the disk2vhd tool. At the end of it all though I do not appear to have virtual hard drives quite as I expected. I do understand why, but can I tidy it up is my question? So, what I've done...

    I have: 1 physical server. RAID5. Appears as 1 disk to windows. 2 partitions. C: 56 GB and D: 502 GB.

    I ran disk2vhd to create VHDs of these partitions. Logic said to me at the time to create a VHD for each partition so I can move them about independently on storage if needed. So I have 2 .VHD files, one of the C: drive and one of the D: drive.

    I have then formatted and reinstalled the same physical server with Windows 2008 R2 and installed just the Hyper-V role.

    I've copied the VHD files I made back to the newly installed server and set up a virtual machine with 2 hard disks. One from each file. So one virtual disk is C: and one is D: (as I said, I can see why what has happened has happened, as before they weren't 2 different disks, they were one! I just wasn't expecting that behaviour).

    Upon booting the virtual machine of my previous installation and trying to access D: it gave me a 'Do you want to format it?' type message. Hell no!

    I've gone in to Computer Management > Disk Management to see what's happening.

    So it's got 2 hard disks but they are both partitioned just like the original disk layout of the server before I formatted and reinstalled! So disk management shows:
    Disk 0 - C: 56 GB NTFS - D: 502 GB RAW
    Disk 1 - 56 GB RAW - 502 GB NTFS

    I see what it has done. So what have I done wrong. Is it that wrong to seperate them up in to two virtual hard drive files like this?

    Is there a safe way of basically getting rid of the RAW partitions on each drive (ok, I can just delete them, easy) but then also resize the disks so there isn't empty space?

    If I don't 'tidy up' is it going to effect performance or anything as my virtual hard drives have so much waste 'marked' in them? I appreciate the files are only as big as they need to be to hold the data required, not a 502GB file for a 502GB drive.

    I'd like to tidy it up as I'm sure it could confuse the hell out of someone else one day.

    Thank you!

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012 8:02 PM


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