Logitech Webcam Fusion works with Logitechs 32bit install. However, will fail a Logitech 64 bit install on a 64 bit system. RRS feed

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  • Can't install any software for the Logitech Fusion Webcam P/N 861304-0000 on my desktop Windows 7 64bit.

    My Sony Vaio notebook will work with the 32 bit install of 11.0 drivers

    All versions of 10.4, 11.0, and 11.80 which requires the software as part of the install of the driver fails.

    I tried using the compatibility mode as well. It's a total NO GO.

    Comes up with the Logitech error :

    "This product is not designed for your current operation system"

    There is no work around available.

    You can install the driver though. However, without the configuration software for the device, you don't have anything! Logitech has the service LvComSer that only the software install can deploy.

    Logitech really needs to wake up here. There webcam software for this Webcam Fusion was problematic in Vista. If you received an update from Logitech and didn't have the service LvComSer stopped, then your Vista registry would be forever foobar. You'd have to revert to a prior Vista restore point, then disable all services in Vista to even get the bleeping thing installed. GRRRRRR.

    Logitech please pay attention here!

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  • Just got the latest update 11.90.1263 from Logitech.

    Everything is great!

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  • No luck with my Logitech Fusion either. Downloaded and installed software 11.8 via microsoft update, installation completed, then "item not supported by OS" error.

    Monday, January 12, 2009 11:31 PM
  • Just got the latest update 11.90.1263 from Logitech.

    Everything is great!

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  • My search for that 11.9 just cam up with the logitech 4000, file version 10.5.1 x64, I havent seen anything anywhere above 11.8 x.64 ...

    Im looking for QC Pro 9000 driver update to fix the problems of no configs/extras access in 64 bit.
    Saturday, January 31, 2009 6:46 AM
  • DaKid...

    After hours and hours of fighting with my Quickcam Pro for Notebooks and Quickcam Ultravision SE trying to get them to install properly under Win 7 x64, I finally found the fix (at least for me!)  Basically, what was going on was that 11.8 software would not finish installation, it either would hang just before camera detection or just sit at the camera detection dialog forever.  Compatibility mode was of little help, even forcing compatibility onto the individual module installers which unzip from the main setup.exe package didn't do it.  From the reports of others what does do the trick is the 11.9 drivers.  However, these are distributed via auto-update only and the prerequisite is having 11.8 installed with a camera suitable for 11.9.  Since 11.8 doesn't think any cameras are installed I was S.O.L.  Finally however, I asked "The Google"  which after just a bit of digging blessed me with this gem: 

    Site Link:


    Direct DL Link:


    which is the download link for the 11.9  drivers and software in a regular install package.  They worked like a charm.  I know getting such things from dodgy "driver" websites is not exactly what anyone with a desire to be virus and mal-ware free is looking to do, but I was out of options.  So, I cranked up the AV settings to max and crossed my fingers.  Happily the gamble paid off!  Drop me a note here if it works for anyone else!


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  • Awesome! Thank you very much John PC and others.

    Your link to download the drivers solved the problem for me too (how to get the QuickCam Fusion working on my Windows 7 64 bit installation) as none of the official Logitech site drivers / programs / ways of doing things has had any result. Quick frankly it's appalling and Logitech, who I characteristically find make great products, have really let me down on this one. I've spent ages not being able to use my Fusion webcam, all because they can't be bothered to fix a non-functioning install program for Windows 7 which has been out for absolutely ages now. 

    Monday, July 12, 2010 10:09 PM
  • I had the exact same problem. Come on Logitech this is just emberrasing!
    Wednesday, August 11, 2010 9:01 PM
  • You had luck installing the  update 11.90.1263 from Logitech for the webcam Fusion. Can you please check if you can send me this version, as I have this same Logitech webcam Fusion. In XP I liked very much this webcam. I can not find the file for Windows 7 anymore.

    Thank you 

    Jean PS - After a few tries, I got the right driver when pluging the Webcam Fusion at Windows Startup and let windows find the driver in Internet.

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