Performance impact of SIS/ShadowCopies? SIS/ShadowCopy effects on robocopy?


  • We are migrating several old file servers(source) to a new 2008r2 file server(target), using robocopy.  Everything has been going fine and we keep the data on the source servers in sync with the target server with robocopy.  We would like to go ahead and enable Shadow Copies, and SIS if possible, on the new server(target). We are concerned that robocopy might fail its checksum it does and need to start re-copying all of the original data from the old source servers again.  Anyone have any ideas on how latest version of robocopy(running on the target server) handles data that is copied to a volume with SIS or Shadow Copies enabled?

    Also, We have done some testing with enabling SIS on volumes, but not at a large scale.  Does anyone have any experience about performance effects of enabling SIS on large volumes(several TBs with lots of small files)?



    Dan Heim

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