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  • ...and vice versa.

    Windows w2k8 std SP2 DC with DHCP. Windows 7 and Vista clients.

    We are experimenting with IPv6 and have decided upon a site-local addressing scheme to best mimick our IPv4 Wide Area Network set-up across many sites connected via IPSec VPN tunnels. I'm not totally convinced this is the best method since there are messages on the net about site-local not being fully supported (why?)

    Static IPv6 site-local addresses work fine and DHCPv6 is correctly (seemingly) assigning site-local addresses to clients. However they can't ping each other. Clients can ping themselves but nothing else.

     - Strangely if I change a client to a static address, it still retains its DHCPv6 address (Why?) - I can then ping its DNS name and it replies with its DHCPv6 client address. I assume DNS hasn't been updated with the static address yet or just chooses to pick the client address but nonetheless the client assigned address does work.

    I've tried the Netsh interface ipv6 set interface <server_interface> advertise=enabled man=en other=en command (respond OK) and the netsh route command but I still can't get it working.

    I've read that the issues could be due to site-local addressing being unreliable - is this true? If so how else would we do Wide Area Networking with IPv6?

    Any help greatly appreciated

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