HTTP Error 403.14 Forbidden: Access is Denied


  • I am running a single server with all of the RDS roles installed. Everything was working fine during testing until recently when we started to get 403 errors when accessing the RDWeb application. It seems like any new clients that have never hit the server get this error and are never served the default logon screen while clients that have logged in before get the error on their first hit on the page but can hit refresh and be redirected to the logon screen. Entering the full URL of ../RDWeb/PAges/en-US/login.aspx?ReturnURL=default.aspx on a new client does resolve to the logon page and the client is able to function properly. This problem happens for clients accessing the RDWeb site internally and externally. Any ideas of what the problem might be?
    Andy Bryant
    Wednesday, October 05, 2011 4:49 PM


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