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    We have a network with 3 sites running DFS on 3 Server 2003 r2 machines. A server at one site was replaced by a new server due to lack of disk space. The new server was added to the site and 6 replication groups were replciated to the new server from the old server. 5 replications completed successfully with the appropriate events however the staging folders of the old server grew too large during this process (very low diskspace) and there seems to have been a corruption of the last replication group. The event log shows initial replication for this group completed successfully but when looking at the folder size it was about 40gb short.

    I then fixed the space issue on the old server and took a backup of the folder on the old server for prestaging. Removed the new server from the replication group and restored the data to the new server. Then added the server back into the replication group from a DFS server located in the authorative site outside this site.

    The problem I am having now is that the new server does not go through an inital replication process for this group but seems to be recognised as fully replication partner and some files on servers outside this site are then move into the Conflicted and Deleted rather than any conflicting files going into the Preexisting folder on the new server. I have to stop the replication immediately due to possible loss of recent files. I need to be able to remove info of the new server from the replication group and ensure the process of initial replication gone through after the server is readded.

    The other 5 replication groups are all functioning normally and are published to an single namespace.

    Due to the amount of data and WAN links, starting all groups from scratch is not really an attractive option.

    Any help with this would be appriciated.

    Friday, August 06, 2010 2:48 AM


  • Hi,

    I suggest that let's use robocopy or similar steps to initial replication on all the referral targets intead of only restore the new server, as data on the new server is earlier than other referral targets after restore, which will be overwritten by replication process.

    Or you can have a test on the following steps to reset the Primary member:

    DFSRADMIN Membership Set /RGName:<replication group name> /RFName:<replicated folder name> /MemName:<member you want to be primary> /IsPrimary:True

    DFSRADMIN Membership Set /RGName:RG1 /RFName:DATA /MemName:NA-DC-01 /IsPrimary:True

    4. Force AD Replication with:

    REPADMIN /syncall /Aed

    5. Force DFSR to poll AD on all servers with:

    DFSRDIAG POLLAD /mem:<servers>

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    Tuesday, August 10, 2010 6:19 AM