Dell PowerEdge T310 Server Question


  • We currently own a Dell PowerEdge T310 Server with 4GB ram. We are looking to host our inventory management system on our own server. We were looking to updgrade our sever to its maxium amount allowed of Ram which is 32 gb. One of the things I noticed is if we upgrade to 32gb using 4 8gb r-dimm 1066mhz our system spped with be 800mhz. But if we install 16gb using 4 4gb u-dimm 1333mhz our system will run at 1333mhz. We are very new to all of this but our question is what should be looking for? The server they have us on now is 24gb but is being shared between two other companies. They said if we install it on our own server it will run a lot fast. On their server its very slow. If were looking for speed should we go with the 16gb over the 32gb? Whats the main difference?


    Saturday, December 29, 2012 2:02 AM


  • Ask the company that wrote the inventory management system for their recommendation.

    Without knowing the characteristics of the software it's not possible to give a factual answer to the question - 'should I use more ram or faster ram'. The people who wrote it will know how it uses memory and how it uses server resources and therefore what will be a better upgrade choice for you (for example, you could find that it's disk IO limited rather than ram).

    Saturday, December 29, 2012 2:51 PM