WDS Performance and OS Image Support


  • Hi,


    I am trying out WDS on Beta 3.


    Can anyone tell me if it's supported to push out Win2000 Professional images using the Win 2003 WDS technology? I've created a sysprep'd image and managed to push it out via WDS without any problems, but just wanted to check this out as the docs seem to mention just Vista and XP images.


    I have been getting pretty good results pushing out the image Unicast - around 4mins... But when I use Multicast (Autocast or Scheduled) the time goes up to around 25mins when multicasting to 3 PC's?? I noticed when it Unicasts, it seems to skip the Copy phase and goes straight into expanding the files, whereas Multicast copies the files first (20mins on 100MB network) then expands the files (aroun 5mins)... Is this the designed behaviour?? Is there any way to speed up this process?


    Any assistance with these 2 questions greatly received.





    Thursday, September 06, 2007 9:41 AM

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