WSUS 3.0 doesn't download any update


  • Hello friends, good afternoon.

    I'm having a issue with my WSUS 3.0. A AD professional installed a WSUS 3.0 Server in my Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64), but he not finished the implementation Job at my Server. And now is my duty to done this work.

    That's my issue: I already have my updates lists, where i approve or decline the updates shown in the screen. I just cant download any update! My update repository is through the network, and i already tried to change my update repository location (using wsusutil.exe movecontent \\server\wsus \\server\wsus\file.log). After clicking on "Retry Download", i got a status that informs me "Update is Downloading...". After 15 seconds i got a error on my updates (The Update Failed to Download). And my new folder in the network (the new updates repository) is empty. Literally no changes or modification.

    I've searched on all the internet for any solution. And i've checked some things like permissions (In my "wsus" folder that contains UpdateServicesPackages, and WsusContent, i've set all the permissions cited in Microsoft's Official Articles. I checked for Anonymous Authentication too, in my IIS Server. And it's checked as "Enable" in my Site.)

    Checking for my Event Viewer in the Server Management, i got these errors description:

    • EventID: 10032 - The server failing to download some updates.
    • EventID: 10012 - The permissions on directory \\server\wsus\wsuscontent are incorrect (But i've set all the permissions. Such as Full control permission to "IUSR, WSUS Reporters, WSUS Administrators, Administrator, Anonymous Logon, etc...)
    • EventID: 364 - Content file download failed. Reason: Error calling [kernel32.dll]: CreateDirectory(\\server\wsus\WsusContent\5A) Source File: Destination File: .

    What can i do about this? I think it's everything OK (and the communication with the clients are working fine).

    Friday, May 11, 2012 7:01 PM


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