Access Denied accessing Department Mapped Drive where Offline Files is enabled on a wireless computer


  • Symptom: Some users experience "Access Denied" when accessing a mapped drive to a department share on laptop computers where multiple users use the same computer throughout the day.

    Server : Windows 2003 SP2

    Client : Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

    Subject: Offline Files / Server Share Cache

    Changing the Server, Share, Cache, Offline Settings to "Files or programs from the share will not be available offline" does not prevent or remove the issue.

    To reproduce, set the "Offline Settings" on the server share cache settings to  "Files or programs from the share will not be available offline".

    Using a clean install of Windows 7 Enterprise SP1; with "Offline Files" enabled.  Log in as a users with ReadOnly access to \\servername\share and map that drive to a drive letter.  Once connected, and accessible to the mapped drive, right click the mapped drive, and "Make Available Offline".  Then disable the wireless adapter; breaking your network connection, and forcing the computer "offline".

    Re-enable the wireless.  Access the mapped drive again.  Log off.

    Log in as another user (again a user with ReadOnly access to the share).  Map the drive. Access the Mapped Drive (We recieve "Access Denied").  Log off.

    Log back in as first user, access the mapped drive (should work).

    We have a logon script that maps the drives automatically.  We also have a WPA-Enterprise/NPS wireless authentication topology that disconnects the wireless and renegotiates between logons (used for RADIUS accounting of users).

    Our intension is not to use "Offline Files" for this mapped drive/cache.  We'd like to prevent this issue without disabling "Offline Files" on every computer.

    Wednesday, December 05, 2012 6:50 PM