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  • I'm trying to implement IPv6 in my network. The problem: my ISP doesn't give me a real static IPv6 address... means, I do have a static IPv6 range, but they are ignoring my RA's. I need to "configure" their routers using PD (prefix delegation). And they don't implement the protocol fully. So, I cannot make suggestions to their routers. They are simply just assigning me a range, whenever I try to get one. And now here comes the problem... my question is: what should I do now? Should I try to use this range as if it is static? What if it changes? That's going to be a nightmare. I'd have to modify all addresses everywhere. And using a dynamicly assigned address for DC and DNS inside my network... well... who would do that? Isn't this super dangerous? What if my DC cannot start anymore because it doesn't find the DNS anymore? I had this in the IPv4 days too sometimes (when NICs failed or drivers malfunctioned... stuff like that) Then it's game over...

    Another idea was, if we could use something like NPTv6 and use fc/fd addresses internally, but that's also strange (and we are using RRAS, so, how could this be implemented? it doesn't support it as far as I know) ... another thing: having DCs with public IPv6 addresses... isn't this creating new security risks? (that's another question of course) ...

    ... would be interesting to hear how others solved those problems.


    Saturday, March 2, 2019 9:50 AM

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