Network Connections Window of Control Panel


  • I have installed Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Core on a Dell Precision 470 with two single core Xeon processors (I actually installed it as GUI, and then switched to Core, but I had the same results when I installed as Core)

    When I try to get a Network Connection window, by typing "control ncpa.cpl" in PowerShell, It responds "Class not Registered". I checked to make sure ncpa.cpl is in the "\Windows\System32" folder, and it is.

    "Control" should produce the control panel window, but it also responds "Class not Registered".

    Other *.cpl files such as hdwwiz.cpl (Device Manager),  timedate.cpl (Date and Time), and sysdm.cpl (System Properties) work and display a pop-up window, but inetcpl.cpl (Internet Properties) does not do anything.

    Wednesday, June 06, 2012 1:24 PM