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  • I'm setting up a QA Web server on a virtual server and having trouble with the Smart Card (this is in order to upgrade from Win03 to Win12 in production). I've been able to bypass the log on with no issue. I've disabled UAC down to the registry level. However, I need to recover my private key on a web certificate. To do so, you use CertUtil -repairstore <serial>. When you do this, it is prompting me to insert a smart card for elevated permission (even though I'm running cmd as admin and logged in as admin). I haven't been able to find, anywhere, how I can either bypass this or change the prompt to enter credentials. The only option the smart card prompt offers me is "ok" and "cancel" - since it's a virtual machine (and since I don't have a smart card) there is no option for me to insert one. Clicking ok does nothing and clicking cancel causes CertUtil to fail with "access denied" (as I would imagine it would). 

    Does anyone know how I can either bypass the smart card prompt or change the prompt to allow for credentials to be entered? I've been Google'ing for days now and feel myself dying a little bit with every search...

    Wednesday, December 3, 2014 6:02 PM


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