Memory Problem


  • My english is not the  best, but i will try to explain my self.

    I have a VM 2008 x64, with 4vCpu and 8G RAM. It's a production server that work 24/7. (2 months old)

    a week ago, sudenlly the Ram jumped to 90% use, about 7~7.4G Ram.
    The problem is we checked everything :

    • procexp - doesn't show any process that take this amount of ram
    • procmon on the application - shows nothing suspicios
    • the vm performence showed that everything ok, 15% use of memory
    • we couldn't open rammap, maybe because the amount of ram he "think" is used.

    what king of bug is this ?

    Thursday, February 07, 2013 7:25 PM