Code signing certificate not available to sign macros


  • We are trying to give one of our user the ability to sign his macros in Excel with a certificate issued by Certficate Authority.

    The Certificate Authority role is installed on the Domain Controller and our user is able to request a Code Signing certificate. The certificate appears in his personal store.

    The only certificate available to sign macros is the one created by the user on his machine with the software SelfCert.exe

    The problem happens when the user wants to select the requested certificate to sign his macros. The certificate does not appear in the list of certificates.

    I'm pretty new to this (managing certificate and using the CA role), but I'm sure I'm almost there. I'm just out of solutions, Google hasn't been my friend and I need help from people knowing that kind of stuff better.

    Here is the Key usage value:
    Digital Signature (80)
    Enhanced key usage value: Code Signing (

    Monday, May 06, 2013 7:31 AM