Office Temp files not deleting on network share


  • I have multiple users (but not all) who when they open an office file and close it the office temp file is renamed to an 8 bit.tmp file and doesn't autodelete.

    1. the file won't be deleted, even by administrators

    2. we have checked that the users and the administrator account have full control access to the share.

    3. the tmp file is keeping the original file from being unlocked

    4. if you open the original file in read only mode and try to save as a copy, the copy opens blank with an error that it is corrupt

    5. it is more than one share, happens on all office file types

    6. The users who are affected are running Windows 7 64 bit sp1 , Office 2010

    7. There are other users, accessing the same locations, with the same permissions, and the same O/S and Office versions; but who are not having this problem.

    8.  the server is running Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard sp1

    9. we have checked the users machines for viruses, malware, etc

    10. we have repaired Office installs

    11. we have un/reinstalled Office

    12. We have triple checked permissions on the files, folders, and parent folders

    13. This even happens on files that the user(s) are the owners of the files and the folders they are in.

    I've searched around and see other people having this problem but it either goes unanswered/unresolved - or giving users modify permissions solves it - my users already have full permissions.

    Anyone have anything?

    Thursday, January 24, 2013 3:33 PM

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