Schannel error - event ID 36888, fatal alert 42, internal error state 250


  • From what I've read, this has something to do with TLS/SSL.  It is taking place on all of the 2008 servers on the network (8), and recurs 50+ times per day.  Needless to say, it is aggravating to dig through all of them in our monitoring system.  Does anyone know what needs to be done to either fix this problem if it is worth worrying about, or to disable it from reporting the errors if it is nothing?

    Event Log Module Status: 0

    The Last Record Number of the eventlog type that current event entry belongs to: 0

    # of duplicate events: 22

    Source: Schannel Category: (0)

    Event ID: 36888

    User (If Applicable): NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

    Computer: [redacted]

    Event Description: The following fatal alert was generated: 42. The internal error state is 250.

    Event Log Name: System 

    Wednesday, October 17, 2012 1:42 PM

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