ntdsutil missing command option


  • Hello, after I enter ntdsutil ? the domain management option does not appear as part of the list of available options. I am running a server 2008 machine anyone can help pls, this is the complete list I am having...

    ntdsutil: ?

     ?                             - Show this help information
     Activate Instance %s          - Set "NTDS" or a specific AD LDS instance
                                     as the active instance.
     Authoritative restore         - Authoritatively restore the DIT database
     Change Service Account %s1 %s2 - Change AD DS/LDS Service Account to
                                     username %s1 and password %s2.
                                     Use "NULL" for blank password, * to
                                     enter password from the console.
     Configurable Settings         - Manage configurable settings
     DS Behavior                   - View and modify AD DS/LDS Behavior
     Files                         - Manage AD DS/LDS database files
     Group Membership Evaluation   - Evaluate SIDs in token for a given user or
     Help                          - Show this help information
     IFM                           - IFM media creation
     LDAP policies                 - Manage LDAP protocol policies
     LDAP Port %d                  - Configure LDAP Port for an AD LDS Instance.
     List Instances                - List all AD LDS instances installed
                                     on this machine.
     Local Roles                   - Local RODC roles management
     Metadata cleanup              - Clean up objects of decommissioned servers
     Partition management          - Manage directory partitions
     Popups off                    - Disable popups
     Popups on                     - Enable popups
     Quit                          - Quit the utility
     Roles                         - Manage NTDS role owner tokens
     Security account management   - Manage Security Account Database - Duplicate
                                     SID Cleanup
     Semantic database analysis    - Semantic Checker
     Set DSRM Password             - Reset directory service restore mode
                                     administrator account password

     Snapshot                      - Snapshot management
     SSL Port %d                   - Configure SSL Port for an AD LDS Instance.
    Wednesday, August 19, 2009 3:53 AM

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