Moving Shadow Copies, DFSR Data, and VMs between Volumes


  • We have two servers that we are planning on upgrading the RAID arrays in (We are just planning to buy bigger drives).

    We have the ability to mount the new RAID array and the old RAID array at the same time. I think I'd rather use Windows to move the data between the arrays, rather than swap the drives out one by one and let the RAID controller convert the array from RAID 5 to RAID 10.

    Anyway we are running Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise. We have Shadow Copies, DFSR Data, and Hyper-V VMs that we'd like to preserve (Shadow Copies aren't critical, but it would be nice). Is there a way that we can copy the data between the RAID arrays, then swap the drive letters on the two RAID arrays?

    I did find this:

    Can I just shutdown all the VMs, Stop all Hyper-V services, Stop DFS-R, and Disable the shadow copies and then use robocopy /MIR to move the data between the arrays?

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