DHCP leases not always showing up in "Address Leases" MMC interface.


  • Here's my issue:

    I'm runing a Windows 2003 DHCP server to hand out IP's to the clients on my network.
    Most of the clients uses static IP's configured manually in the workstations (XP, Vista and 7). 
    I made sure to inventory all of them (about 15-20 only) and I added them has reservations in the DHCP so they don't get distributed and/or conflict between each other.
    Until then everything runs smooth and all is fine.
    Then if I come around with a laptop or anything else that is configured to dynamically receive an IP from the DHCP server, the machine gets the IP from DHCP normally and it works fine.
    Here's where it gets funky.
    If the machine is part of the domain, it will show up in the DHCP mmc interface under [Address Leases] has it would normally do.
    But if it's a machine that is NOT part of the domain, it will get an IP from DHCP but will not show up in the [Address Leases] interface.
    However I'm able to see in the DHCP logs that the IP was handed out to the specific MAC address/hostname but still will never show in the mmc interface.

    The problem is that if I try to connect a second machine which is not a member of the domain on the network, the DHCP server will hand out the next available IP in his list but this said IP was already distributed to the first machine, resulting in conflict!

    This is getting really anoying. 
    Am I missing something here?
    I'm at the point of completely killing the DHCP server and start fresh?

    Anyone has a better idea?

    Thanks in advance for your input

    Marc Larivee
    Wednesday, October 28, 2009 6:07 PM