300,000+ KB IIS log files filling up hard drive


  • I am new to SBS2007R2. This system has SP2.

    We stopped receiving emails at work and I was asked to find out why. The exchange trouble wizard tried to send a test email that failed. The error pointed to a full hard drive. Exchange  data store is on drive D. The OS on Drive C.

    Sure enough the C: drive was 99% full. I found 14 Gigs of log files in the IIS log file directory since Feb-2010. I moved the files and system performance is more near normal. But, why are the log files so big? I do not have an application able to open such large files. Word and Excel both crash.

    In the LogFiles folder I see several directories: W3SVC1 through W3SVC6 and then 3 folders with longer numeric strings. One folder has very large files 300,000+ KB! This system is not hosting any web sites. All the files in the wwwroot  folder are the default installed files.

    1. what is normal? got a good primer on IIS and the log files? We use SBS for email and storing files for only 12 people. It is severly under utilized. When I ask "normal", I mean in our case.

    2. what actions should I take first? I will need to find the retention settings for log files and set it appropriately to avoid a full drive. I seek to learn why the files are so huge. This seems like the more important red flag.

    3. What good is a log file too big to open? I found another large file, Console.log in the Windows SBS/Logs folder. It is 555,904 KB. Seems like the OS should limit such file sizes to more reasonable and usable sizes.



    Deep Creek Services
    Wednesday, May 05, 2010 6:20 PM