how to scheduling complete pc backup?

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  • how to schedule complete pc backup?

    wbadmin.exe is the command line that is included in vista as well as windows server 2008. it can be used to schedule to backup all volumes hosting critical system data and/or user data volumes. if all system critical volumes are backed up - system can be recovered from a hard disk disaster when computer does not boot back.

    command line : wbadmin.exe start backup -allcritical -include:m: -backuptarget:t: -quiet
    where m: is data volume
    -allcritical will select backup all critical volumes hosting sysstem critical data.
    t: is the backup location.
    note - backup target t: should not be on the same disk as other critical system partitions. this is to ensure that backup is not lost in case of hard disk disaster. for exmaple - you can have it on an external usb disk.

    steps to create task scheduler task
    launch task scheduler UI
    1. click start button
    2. type 'task' - select 'task scheduler' program found as result of search. this will launch task scheduler UI.
    3. click action -- 'create task'

    Fill details
    4. In general tab - fill task name, select 'run with highest privileges' checkbox. this is required since the task should run as an administrator.
    5. select the user account which has administrative privileges
    5. in trigger tab - add a new trigger. only user the settings to schedule daily/weekly/monthly as needed. leave the advanced settings as is.
    6. in actions tab - add a new action. type %windir%\system32\wbadmin.exe in the program or use browse button to select the same.
    7. add arguments - type : start backup -allcritical -include:m: -backuptarget:t: -quiet
    m: and t: need to be replaced with drives on your machine. if you do not have any data drive other than critical volumes - you can remove "-include:m:"
    8. click ok to save the task

    to test the task runs fine -
    1. click 'task scheduler library' in the task scheduler UI
    2. right click your task name and click "run".
    3. this should launch a command prompt and display backup progress.

    once the task completes successfully - you are all set. the schedule task should run as scheduled by you and create complete pc backups.

    you can ran a command prompt as administrator ( start button-> type cmd.exe -> right click -> run as administrator) and use command
    wbadmin get versions to see all versions which are available for recovery.


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    Sunday, December 21, 2008 10:32 AM

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