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  •  Hi,
    I have very big problem with printer spooler on Windows 2008 Server!
    Printing spooler is working on Windows 2008 Server and I deploying printers (throughout Group Policy) for user who working on two Teriminal Server (Windows 2008 in Broker Services). Printers deploying correctrly for users, but printers dosen't printing, tasks going to queue and status is "Printing" and nothing happens. Document is blocking printer. Client-side Rendering is disabled, SNMP is unchecked.
    Friday, January 16, 2009 10:17 AM





    According to your description, I’d like to confirm the following questions:

    1.       Do you configure the Terminal Services Easy Print on server?

    2.       Do you deploy the printers by Group Policy? You may install the printer manually and see whether is works.

    3.       Does the problem exists for all models of printer or just some of them? Please collect the model of the problematic printer.

    4.      What do you mean about “Printing spooler is working on Windows Server 2008”? 


    Based on my research, if you use Easy Print, there are several special considerations.

    1).On the Terminal Services server, Window Server 2008 needs to be installed.

    2).On the Terminal Services client, the user must be running Terminal Services client 6.1 and have .NET Framework 3.0 SP1 installed (both will be released in the same timeframe as Windows Server 2008). 



    Generally speaking, The Spooler crashing or stopping is almost always due to corrupted printer drivers. You may completely uninstall and reinstall your Printer and 'force' you client computer(Windows XP ) to see new drivers. Please refer to the following steps:

    1.From the Control Panel, click on Printers & Faxes.  Right click the printer in question and select Delete

    2.Look at the Toolbar.  Select File, then Server Properties.  Look in the Drivers tab. Highlight the printers drivers listed here and click on Remove for each one.

    3.Reboot the PC. Do not reconnect the printer!

    4.Go to the website of your printer manufacturer.  Look for new XP drivers for your model.  Download the correct software.  If there are no Windows XP drivers for your 5.printer, try looking for ones for Windows 2000.  In most cases these will do almost as well.

    6.Run the exe file you just downloaded.  It should auto-start the installation program

    7.The software will tell you when to connect the printer.

    8.Once the software is installed and the printer connected, try a test page. 


    Meanwhile, I suggest you remove registry entries for printer drivers, please refer to the following link:




    Nick Gu - MSFT
    Thursday, January 22, 2009 2:03 AM