DFS replication error, event ID 4004


  • I am trying to setup dfs replication and are reciving error 4004 in the event log and replication never starts.

    Additional Information: 
    Error: 9098 (A tombstoned content set deletion has been scheduled) 
    Additional context of the error:   
    Replicated Folder Name: Company 
    Replicated Folder ID: 6D033187-80CC-4C2E-84E8-003280EF337B 
    Replication Group Name: *** 
    Replication Group ID: E662175D-BEF8-41EE-9D3F-5273DCC9E6A6 
    Member ID: 3AC8D19F-FFE5-4051-90F7-72851C066AE8

    if it try to goto replication in the dfs management console and press "replicate now" on one of the connections i recieve this error:

    The member *** could not be contacted to get the current schedule status. the error returned was "The DFS Replication WMI connection or synchronization object was not found."

    i have 2 other folders that i successfully replicate between the 2 same servers.

    i have tried deleting the replication and dfs namespace and recreate it all again, i have tried to synchronize subfolders. but neither have worked.

    any help or hints to what the problem could be would be greatly apprciated.



    Saturday, March 9, 2013 6:29 AM


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