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  • Hi everybody,

    I am trying to promote a Windows Server 2008 EE  to the first domain controller in a forest. I did everything by the book and after installing the directory service binaries, it fails on the "configuring the local computer to host Active Directory domain services". 
    The error says: "The Active Directory Domain Services database failed to initialize (error - 1018)". 
    In the event viewer there are three errors : (I'm not going to write the all the Details because I'm working on another computer)

    Error ID 1003 - Active Directory Domain Services could not be initialized
    Error ID 1168 - Internal Error : An Active Directory Domain Services error ha occured
    Error ID 474 - NTDS - database fault

    Microsoft's solution suggests faulty hardware, but I changed the hard drive, tryed to install it on a virtual machine (hyper-v, Virtual server, Virtual PC), changed the database and log paths, unattended installation, different installation media...

    As you can see I've been really busy theese few days. 

    I am not a rookie, I have MCSE+S, MCTS x 5, and have worked with MS technologies for years, but I cannot seem to solve this mistery. 

    I would be very grateful for any kind of assistance.
    Friday, November 7, 2008 12:55 PM





    This error message could be related to AD database. If possible, I suggest you consider rebuilding a new DC or restoring its state from the previous backup. If you don't have backup on hand right now, you can refer to the following methods to forcibly remove DC.



    Typically, we can use the command dcpromo /forceremoval to forcibly remove DC.  In many circumstances, DCPromo demotions may fail, but with forced demotion, a domain administrator can remove Active Directory and roll back locally held system changes without having to contact or replicate any locally held changes to another domain controller in the forest.



    If Active Directory is not initialized, a domain controller can sometimes prevent from

    being run with the forceremoval switch.  At this point, the only alternative is to reinstall the operating system or change this computer 'type' as the following steps:


    1.    Reboot into Directory Services restore mode.

    2.    Edit the registry key


    \HKLM\SYSTEM\CCS\Control\Product Options.

    Change ProductType from LanmanNT to ServerNT.


    3.    Delete the folder that contains the NTDS.DIT file that was specified during DCPROMO.


    4.    After restarting, the computer will behave as a member server, but there are still files and registry entries on the computer left from when it was a domain controller. To remove that data, run dcpromo and promote this computer to be a domain controller for a new temporary domain in its own forest.  After promoting run dcpromo.exe again to demote back to a standalone server.


    After manually removing a domain controller, there will be metadata left in the domain that needs to be removed. You will need to remove this metadata as the following article described.


    How to remove data in Active Directory after an unsuccessful domain controller demotion


    After removing this DC, you can run dcpormo again to promote this server to be a DC. If any error messages come out during promotion, for further investigation, I' like to get the 'DCPromoUI.log' and log file “ADPREP.LOG” created in the following:



    Please send the log file to




    a. Please include the following tow lines for this issue in the email body:


    b. We will continue to discuss the issue here in the forum and will NOT reply via emails. 

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    c. Pease post a quick note in the current thread to inform me after sending the email.


    Wednesday, November 12, 2008 10:07 AM