Upek protector suite 2012 with domain client


  • transitioning a home network from windows home server to windows server 2012 essentials: So far, very impressed.  One small glitch in using my eikon finger print reader/upek protector suite 2012 with the domain client.  Client machine is Windows 8 Pro (64 bit).  Finger print reader works has worked well (and continues to) on the local client.  Even after installing the software on the server client and telling it to log me into the domain, however, swiping my finger logs me into the local client, not the domain.

    If I log in as the domain user and attempt to use the finger print reader to log onto a password-protected web site, I suddenly find myself logged into the local client instead.

    I can always log the local machine into the domain, of course, but not having things the way I want bugs me.

    Any thoughts appreciated.


    Saturday, August 03, 2013 6:19 PM


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