HELP! How to install the IPMI driver in Windows Server 2008?


  • should i add some features at first?


    anyway, i install the "Microsoft Generic IPMI Compliant Device" manually(using "ipmidrv.inf"), but there's a exclamation mark by the icon, and it won't work even after a restart (Code 10)


    it worked well in Windows Server 2003 R2, but now...

    Thursday, November 22, 2007 9:17 AM

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  • I am also facing the same problem in Windows 2008 machine and  Fan, Voltage and Temperature are not getting discoverd in IBM director 6.1.1 using collect inventory. Is this due to IPMI with an exclamation mark icon?
    Sunday, October 18, 2009 8:18 AM
  • I'm certainly not intending to commit necroposting, but it is quite evident that no member of TechNet is providing any assistance. 


    Any reference to manually installing the IPMI Interface driver in Windows Server 2008 (specifically Windows SBS 2008, in my case) seems to yield outdated and unhelpful results focusing solely on Windows Server 2003 R2.


    At the time of this posting, 3,312 people have viewed this thread; most likely seeking an identical resolution to the one that Naga.S and I are/were attempting to discover.


    This thread still remains unanswered and the search for a resolution continues....

    Thursday, August 05, 2010 4:05 PM
  • After six years liushuoshu asked, I saw this post with the same problem. I hope this helps somebody today with the same problem and with other Windows versions too. Translated from spanish to english, names can be different. You can make corrections with the correct names.
    Go to Device Manager > Action > Add legacy devices > Select manually from a list >
    System devices > left panel select Microsoft, right panel select Microsoft Generic IPMI compliant device >
    Now, the BMC/IPMI controller should appear on the list: Microsoft Generic IPMI compliant device. Test with the servers's management utilities if you can read the logs, sensors's values, etc. Tested on Lenovo TS430 and it worked with the DSA utility. Another path could be using Intel's original driver, the generic MS drivers sees it as a Intel device.
    Tuesday, February 21, 2017 2:27 PM