32-bit applications and memory usage


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    I have an application named Contoso running on Windows 2008 Server 64 bit OS.  There are three processes that this application has; Process1, Process2 and Process3 - they are all 32-bit processes.

    The main process for the app is Process1. The other two processes use very small amounts of memory/CPU.

    My understanding is that a 32-bit process can only utilise a maximum of 2GB virtual memory. This seems to correlate with what I'm seeing on Task Manager as Process1 never exceeds about 2GB of memory use (actually a fair bit less than that).

    Contoso is the only application running on these servers. Does this mean that, from a memory perspective, there is no point going above 4GB RAM for these servers because Process1 can never use more than 2GB RAM? Since Process1 can use a max of 2GB, the OS needs about 1GB and the remaining is for other stuff like Process2, Process3. We also have the page file to use if we needed memory.

    Or am I misunderstanding the correlation between virtual memory and physical memory.                             
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