Corrupted Recycle.bin folder for all additional partitions after W2K3 DC decommission


  • Hi,

    We have no idea what went wrong. We have 5 DC in the forest root Domain, one of them was W2K3SP1 DC. Since I decommissioned it, domain member computers are getting Corrupted Recycle.bin error. This happen only to Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 machines.

    For those with more than 1 partitions, domain users logon will get "The Drive X is corrupted, do you want to empty it now?" This problem will cause Drive being locked [Read only mode], sometime C drive will be affected. After few weeks troubleshooting, we engaged Microsoft and delete the recycle.bin in Safe mode with all non-microsoft application turned off. But they were unable to find the cause of the issue.

    One thing I notice, all computer will have this issue once they join to the domain.We dont have script or policy to move computer account out of Computer container so GPO should not be related.

    I have tested a machine [non domain member] from the same image, no issue. So, there should be something to do with our DOMAIN.

    When we talk to Microsoft, they have checked our AD, replication DNS everything and thought everything is "normal". Their Engineer also emphasized it should be nothing to do with your DC decommission.

    One thing I notice during the DC decommission, DCPROMO wizard found an Application Directory called TAPI3Directory on this DC. I deleted it with by following the wizard. Not sure if it will break anything.

    Any idea?

    Wednesday, May 01, 2013 4:54 PM