Case :scenario 6-3:Assigning Permission

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  • You are working the help desk for a corporate network and you receive a 
    call from a user named Leo, who is requesting access to the files for a new 
    classified project called Trinity. The Trinity files are stored in a shared 
    folder on a file server, which is locked in a secured underground data 
    storage facility in New Mexico. After verifying that the user has the 
    appropriate security clearance for the project, you create a new group on 
    the file server called TRINITY_USERS and add Leo’s user account to that 
    group. Then, you add the TRINITY_USERS group to the access control list 
    for the Trinity folder on the file server, and assign the group the following
    NTFS permissions…
    Tuesday, August 06, 2013 2:18 PM

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  • Share permissions are not allowing him to change information within the server file. If you have the book check page 206

    The most likely cause of the problem is that Leo does not have sufficient share permissions for read-write access to the Trinity files. By default, when you share a folder, the Everyone special identity receives only the Read share permission. By granting the TRINITY_USER group the Allow Full Control share permission, Leo should be able to save his changes to the Trinity files

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