Previous versions on a DFS share is showing the actual files of the share.


  • Dear,

    In our enviroment we have a DFS share on two servers (Windows 2008 R2).
    Volume shadow copy is enabled on de drives. On the fileserver I can access the previous versions and i can see the files as they were on the time/date I selected with the previous versions.

    When I go to one of my client pc (windows XP or Windows 7) I can see the Time of copies that are availible, but when i access the previous versions the files are the actual files on the system (the date of today). I tried to access the share on the \\servername\share name \\domainname\DFSname but this makes no differance, the previous versions is showing the filesystem of the actual time.

    Does anyone have any direction for me how to troubleshout this issue?

    Arnaud Thoen

    Monday, November 12, 2012 3:27 PM


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