Delivery of mp4 content using some media server on IIS from web app to HTML5 Client(Video Tag) RRS feed

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  • Hi Every One

    I m working on ASP.NET web app which is kind of online video content provider.

    Initially i used  .wmv video content ,and  I have configured the WMS(Window Media Services) on IIS Server and on the client side I am using object Tag. It is working pretty fine in IE on windows OS. But its not working on the MAC OS.

    So i want my video content to be played in browser fro all OS(Cross platform)

    After some R&D came to know that .MP4 video content will work on all browser(though version limitation is there) on all OS

    So I thought to use video content with .MP4 extension and HTML Video tag as client .

    Now the problem is WMS does not support the delivery of .mp4 content .

    IIS can deliver it after adding .mp4 MIME type, But if i use IIS server, it consume all the bandwidth, even it does not provide the smooth streaming also. And if I play a file of size more than 100-110 MB ,its taking 3 -4 min to start and every 2-3 second it stuck. And i have file of size varies from 20 MB to 1GB.

    So my question is how to deliver .mp4 Content from IIS (ASP.NET web Application) to html client(Video Tag) to all cross platform ans cross browser. Do we require some media server on IIS , if yes what kind of media server?

    IIS Media services is one option there , but it requires Silverlight client , that i don't want as i m not sure about cross platform.I am not sure IIS media services can deliver to HTML client

    I m googling from last 4 days , but i do not find a single post which give the over all idea.

    Thanx in advance for any kind of help

    Ramakant Verma .NET Consultant(Windows Azure, Windows Phone8,Windows 8,ASP.NET,Silverlight)

    Thursday, June 16, 2016 7:08 AM