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  • Hello,

    I installed a virtual machine 60 and the lis 3.2.
    On centos I installed the gnome graphical interface and some accessories. I would like to use this virtual machine with squid proxy server.
    I have put the network card not the legacy adapter.
    At the first time all goes well, but after a few minutes firefox no longer connected.

    When not surfing, if I go do a shell and ping to google for example, he answers ok. I have also ping from outside the virtual machine.
    In one of many tests I've already prepared the squid and the same happens in the beginning pages works well, but after a while, gives errors and does not work.

    Anyone can help me? I've done as 15 virtual machines following many guides found on the internet and always the same.


    Empezando ;)

    Friday, July 20, 2012 8:55 PM

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  • Alberto SH,

    In order to use squid I believe you'd need two Ethernet NICs?  From a computer outside your VM (and not hosted on the same Hyper-V Server) are you able to PING both NICs?

    If you PING from another VM on the same Hyper-V Server you may not really be testing network connectivity from the outside?  If two VMs share a NIC your PING might work, but you may not be able to PING from outside the VM.  The PING to Google tells me your WAN NIC is okay, but your LAN NIC may not be working?

    If you can PING both NICs from outside the VM, but cannot connect via Firefox, that would imply a problem with your squid configuration.  Or possibly a firewall that is blocking your communication (either on the VM itself or in another box such as your router).  When you mentioned Firefox I assume this is on a seperate computer and you're trying to connect through squid on this VM to reach the Internet?

    If you haven't tried this Linux configuration before you might want to ensure you can get it working on a system with squid, but without Hyper-V.  Your problem may not have anything to do with Hyper-V or LIS, but a misconfiguration of squid (or Linux in general)?


    Tuesday, December 4, 2012 5:55 PM