Error in SQL Server 2008 in a cluster installation


  • Hello all,

    Iam receiving a message while installing the SQL Server 2008 in a cluster

    Error : "Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) cluster verification errors"
    failed. The cluster either has not been verified or there are errors or
    failures in the verification report. Refer to KB953748 or SQL server books
    online for more information"

    to resolve this I ran the "validate the cluster" tests under failover
    cluster management. The validation was successful without any warnings or
    errors. Even then I still get the same error.

    Thursday, December 17, 2009 6:46 PM


  • I've seen this before, but I do not know the answer.  If you are sure you are passing the cluster validation process, you can skip the validation process by running SQL setup via the command line like this.

    1st node
    Setup /SkipRules=Cluster_VerifyForErrors /Action=InstallFailoverCluster

    Additional nodes

    Setup /SkipRules=Cluster_VerifyForErrors /Action=AddNode /INSTANCENAME=”MSSQLSERVER”

    *Note: This assumes you installed the default instance on the 1st node

    There probably is a better answer, but this will work in a pinch to get the whole process started.  If installing on 2008 R2, make sure you have SP1 slip streamed onto your install media or it will fail.

    Here is an article that is a step-by-step SQL multi-site cluster install guide.  Just ignore the replication sections and the rest of the document should give you an idea of how things should work.

    David A. Bermingham, Director of Product Management, SteelEye Technology
    Thursday, December 17, 2009 7:02 PM